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Increase Muscle Mass

Most people who start a sport looking to feel good and improve your lifestyle. A very important group seeks quick and convenient way to gain muscle mass, ie to increase the volume of your muscles. In this regard it should be stated that there are no "magic bullets" for this, but any change requires a good training plan, adequate nutrition and perseverance.

 Adequate food

 In principle, it is important to note that the increase in calories is right about normal caloric intake (one that keeps the athlete in the weight average), this must be done in moderation, a 10 or 20%. This will ensure a progressive weight gain, avoiding the accumulation of fat. Add to our body 1 kg. body weight is very simple, just sit and eat without measure and we'll make ... but it will be 1 kg. fat. To achieve gain 1 kg. muscle mass must be combined moderately high intake of calories and nutrients, with intense exercise.

 It is especially important to check the protein intake. Protein is the nutrient most important for the formation of muscle gaining secrets scam tissue and strength gains. A minimum of 2 grams protein. of protein per kilo of weight, is essential. We must not forget that in a single digestive process can not assimilate more than 40 grams. protein, so it will be necessary to share with total count of the proteins needed during the day between 5 recommended foods. The complex carbohydrate intake should be kept high, at about 65% with special emphasis on making our meal rich in this nutrient.

 Distribution of food during the day:

 30% hyperproteic BREAKFAST: Rich in fiber

10% Mid Morning: Intake of Amino Acids, yogurt, fruit, and in general, easily digested foods.

30% FOOD

10% HALF LATER: Amino acids: pretraining, Complex Carbohydrates: Training; Protein Liquid: Post-workout.

20% DINNER: Rich in complex carbohydrates.

 As to food can add the following:

 Eat enough: To win 1/2 pound of muscle actually requires a positive energy balance of 500 to 1,000 calories per day. This implies that increase daily food intake.

 Eat often: Eating frequently and increase the amount of food at each meal is an effective way to increase the intake of calories. Power base will need more than three meals a day (4 to 6 meals) trying not to interfere with training.

 Improve the distribution of proteins: Include small amounts of protein at every meal will improve the level of amino acids in the blood and this will facilitate muscle development. Food consumed in each one of these protein-rich foods: Milk, cheese, yogurt, ham, chicken, beef, soybeans and soybean products, fish or eggs.

 Take the right time: Eat a small meal rich in carbohydrates and moderate in protein immediately after training helps to increase gains in muscle mass, increasing production of anabolic hormones, reducing the cleavage of proteins and amino acids for the synthesis providing of muscles. (Eg a tuna sandwich, yogurt with cereal or scrambled eggs with toast).

 Get Organized: The increase in caloric intake is not easy, requires organization and discipline. Planned purchases of food, places to eat or take them with you to avoid having to skip meals or eat the wrong foods.

 Constant Hydration: Hydrate during training avoids: you lose your appetite (a symptom of dehydration), you get to eat very thirsty and drink too much fluid (this reduces the amount of food you can eat). Also, stay well hydrated improves the quality of training. Drink 3 to 4 glasses of fluid per hour of exercise.

 Constant and patient ...

 Proof: Individuals respond differently to increasing muscles. Many fall into the trap to eat and train well for a couple of days and then lose the record, this significantly reduces the progress of growth in muscle mass.

 Patience: If you are going through puberty or coming to it, remember that does not have enough hormones to grow their muscles, wait a bit to finish growing. Do not compare yourself with advanced athletes, they well be higher, they also have more time training.

 Advice: There are many supplements on the market designed to increase muscle mass and strength. Before using any supplement consult a nutrition expert regarding the efficacy, safety and legality of the product.

 Set realistic goals

 We consider that we all have different genetic potential to build muscle mass, which is why the goals should be tailored to each and must be very realistic.

Genes determine many fundamental aspects for the ability to build muscle such as the ability to sustain bone that allows some muscle mass, the ability of secretion of hormones and their receptors, the ability to metabolize nutrients, energy expenditure and psychological makeup required for the effort. Thus, aspects of interest are the stage of life where they are (adolescence, adulthood) and hormonal differences (male, female).

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