Friday, 31 August 2012

Penectomy surgery procedures.

A process penectomy (partial or total removal of the penis) can be performed by a variety of reasons. If a child's penis is damaged beyond repair during a circumcision, if there is need to remove penile cancer or a man looking for a gender reassignment surgery, partial or total penectomy can be included in the treatment. Leaving aside the psychological issues surrounding this type of surgery, there are many variations in the penectomy, sometimes allowing a man to stay with a part of the penis is surgically reconstructed after.
Partial penectomy

The partial penectomies intend to save as much of the body as possible to allow normal urinary and sexual function. There are regular cases of penile cancer. During a partial penectomy the anesthesiologist will administer medicine to numb the affected area. Urinary function goes to the area between the scrotum and the anus to the proceedings. A partial penectomy can remove any part of the penis (the part removed in this procedure regularly is the head, or glans), but doctors have recently tried to preserve both the glans as possible to allow normal sexual and urinary function. Many centimeters of healthy tissue are removed regularly with cancer to prevent recurrence. Plastic surgery attempts to restore functionality after pearly penile papules removal.

Radical penectomy

Total penectomies, or radicals, involve the complete removal of the penis. Although the procedure is relatively similar to partial penectomy in some ways, surgeons must take special consideration in this type of surgery to ensure that the functions of the body continue to function properly. For example, the movement of the urinary function to the area between the scrotum and the anus is permanent. If the bladder is removed, often a catheter through the body through the small intestine to allow urine. The urine is then collected in a bag outside the body which can be used with regular undergarments. Plastic surgery is rarely done after this type of surgery, but doctors sometimes try to reconstruct the penis using forearm skin of the patient to create a new one.

Sex reassignment

Some patients want penectomy genital surgery to "reallocate" their physical sex. People who were born male but identify as women may undergo a vaginoplasty penectomy womanhood to experience a greater degree. In cases of sexual reassignment, regularly not required a total penectomy. Instead, the doctor moves urinary function, use the actual shape of the penis to create a vagina, and uses the glans penis to form a functional clitoris sexually. Alternative types are available vaginoplasty that require complete removal of the penis pearly penile info. Such types of radical body modification are not regularly recommended by doctors, because the risks are greater and the realization of the sexual organs fully functional after such procedures is difficult.

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