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Heart Attack Systems@@@

The clot blocks the artery, blood and oxygen to your heart and your hungry heart muscles can cause damage - this is a heart attack. The acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction or coronary thrombosis also called for.

A heart attack is life threatening. If you think you or someone else's heart attack, one should immediately call 999 for ambulance.

You have a heart attack call 999 immediately if you have a strong chance of survival.
A heart attack and cardiac arrest is the difference between?

Cardiac arrest is different from a heart attack. A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops pumping blood around the body. As a result, you will be unconscious and not breathing normally would. Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation any chance of survival needs.

One of the reasons for cardiac arrest is a what causes heart attacks . Other causes include electrocution or choking.

If you observe a cardiac arrest, you call 999 and give the people immediate CPR can increase the chances of survival.
What are the symptoms of a heart attack?
One of the other symptoms of a heart attack vary. Pain or tightness in your chest may feel. Your arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach can spread. For some people, severe pain or tightness, while others feel nothing more than a slight inconvenience can.

Chest pain or discomfort in the head with a light run and breathe you can miss. You may feel nauseous or are vomiting.

Call 999 immediately if you think you're a heart attack or if you suspect someone has a heart attack. This means that potentially life-saving treatment will be as soon as possible. Call your GP if you think you or someone else's heart attack, you must call 999 for an ambulance.

You will soon receive emergency medical treatment, survival and maximize your chances of heart muscle can be saved.

Some people delay calling 999. They ignore or are uncertain of the symptoms, not the heart to think or do not want to create a conflict can do. This delay is to lose valuable time and puts at risk the lives of people.
Take an aspirin in heart attack if I think I should be doing?

First, if you think you're doing a heart attack, the 999 call for an ambulance immediately.

Then you sit and relax while you wait for the ambulance.

If you are not allergic to aspirin and is next to you, or someone with you who can get them for you, an aspirin to chew. However, if they are not around, you should not go hunting with humans for aspirin, they should be with you. Article resource by : yeast infection no more system

Did not get an aspirin and forage around the home. Unnecessary pressure on your heart can.

What treatment will I get my blocked artery?

    Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PPCI) which is an emergency coronary angioplasty. These include the re-opening blocked coronary artery and placed in one or more stents. Which is part of my heart that supplies blood to restore blood hunger, as soon as possible helps to avoid muscle
    Thrombolysis, in a 'clot Buster' is declared. The injection of a medicine into your vein to dissolve the blood clot and restore blood supply to your heart is involved. PPCI is not easily accessible if you have the ambulance.

Some types of heart attacks in people who do not receive either of these two treatments, because they will benefit from.
I can prevent a heart attack?

Living a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart attack, you can help.

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