Friday, 31 August 2012

How to detect a two-way mirror

How to detect a two-way mirror. Do not believe the rumors that you received via email about secrets sided mirrors placed in dressing rooms and bathrooms. See for yourself if these mirrors secrets exist. If you are near a two-way mirror is really easy to detect by sight only.


  Please note that the e-mail so popular about two-sided mirrors that may have received is a hoax. It's just an urban legend that has gained credibility as they pass from person to person. You can check suspicious stories you hear in the database urban legends.

Comprising a two-sided mirror is a specially treated glass that allows light to pass through this in both directions, but it also reflects the light of the room. If the lights are off in a side mirror and lit on the other side are those who see the reflection enlightened and who are on the dark side see through the glass muscles gaining guide .

Ten by known as double-sided mirrors function as windows, usually placed on the wall, the hanging not them. If the mirror is not flush with the wall, is not likely to be a two-way mirror.

Examine the mirror. Cup your hands around your eyes and put his face close to the mirror muscle gaining secrets review. If it's a two-way mirror, you will see something on the other side, except that there is no light on the other side.

LIGHTS. The two-sided mirror only works if the light is more intense on one side. With the lights out, you will see through a two-way mirror. It may take a few moments to detect the mirror as your eyes adjust.

Hit the mirror slightly. A two-sided mirror produce a hollow sound, like a window, because there is no support on the other side. A normal mirror produce a thud.

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