Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Athletic shoes for running as well as to jump

Some events include both the race track as the jump. The fence jumps race mixed with jump short distances. The fence-jumping events indoors have distances less than 100 meters. In the outdoor events are longer race distances, men compete in 110 meters and 400 meters and 100 meters women and 400 meters. Other events that require both career break are: the triple jump, long jump and pole vault. Some shoes are made specifically for jumping fences, to the sprinters and jump manual.
Athlete jumping hurdles

Great athletes jumping fences should be versatile enough to run with fast and rhythmic pattern that allows them to feel they are running on the obstacles, rather than jumping over hurdles 42 inches (1 m). Ideally, your center of gravity to rise only slightly when passing obstacles. Two models of shoes that were designed specifically to jump fences, in 2011, are the Adidas Edge Arriba 2M and Asics Hyper MD.

Other models designed for sprinters jumpers

Some shoes are also specifically designed for sports that involve running and jumping. The Asics Turbo Jump Spike is directed to the best long jumpers, to athletes who make triple jump and pole vault performing. The Adidas AdiZero LJ are even more specialized, designed for elite long jumpers, running at full speed before the solid structure on the platform before rising.


Good shoes for sprinters is lightweight, with a pattern of spikes that are leading to a transfer of power that maximizes speed. Two models were designed in 2011 for elite sprinters running races from 100 to 400 meters. The Nike Zoom Ja have a plate with eight points. The Adidas Demolisher have a plate with six points. The Mizuno Tokyo for women are designed to run 50 to 400 meters. If you compete in an event where you have to run and jump manual program, you'll be better than running shoes jump shoes, which are too heavy for the jumping event.


Many models are unisex tennis shoes. The general pattern for women is deduct 1 inch (2.5 cm) or 1 1/2 inches (3.80 cm) the size of the models for men, to find a proper fit. Since this is only a general guideline, women should make sure they can return the shoes if they do not fit.

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