Saturday, 29 September 2012

Book Review of Vision Without Glasses Translated

Book Review of Vision Without Glasses Translated

I would recommend vision without glasses book to anyone who wants to improve eyesight.

The book is easy with complete instructions on eye exercises. It is true that everyone can improve their vision through eye exercise. Although the method works, it takes time. Do not expect a quick fix. You need to be patient and persistent. I think the vision without glasses has exaggerated the speed of results. I think for someone who has a medical prescription, can improve to see perfectly in a short period of time, because I have seen a great improvement in my vision during the first 3 months after I did the exercise.

However, leveled. To reduce a prescription, like me, is slow. In my case, I was -8.75. After exerersing for a year and a half, my vision has been reduced to -7. I'm still doing to believe that one day, many years from now, do not have to wear contact lenses Health info.

By the way, do not buy the "see clearly the method" program. It is exactly the same as the Vision Without Glasses program described in this book, but it comes with additional video / tapes and luxury marketing for more than ten times the cost of this book. Buy this book is an option.

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