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It is a discipline, a strong body and fitness training regime requires that an innocent. I make sure that the first question in your mind that how to do Parkour? Well, basic Parkour movements jump manual, flips, vaults, spins, etc. A number of physical barriers are the same as the escape route. Parkour training exercises draining and just what a determined person can do with them. Parkour traceur artist is a male and a female artist called traceuse.

Parkour's history

Parkour more than a century ago when GEORGES Hebert, a French naval officer, he devised a method of physical education and its influence with the ancient Greek gymnasia, a natural way to get exercise, efficaciously obstacles can control detected. It was known as Herbertism. So David Bell technique, a French gymnast and stuntman was improvised by. beginners will learn techniques that help you to Parkour Parkour how to read to learn about.

Parkour Moves for Beginners

The basic steps of Parkour, as mentioned earlier, Health info , flips, vaults, spins, etc. parkour for beginners include the following measures are defined.

Turn vault: the action of Parkour traceur most basic jump a high hurdle to cross is used to perform.

How to: turn to perform vault, traceur obstacle to obstacle put your hand in a circular motion carry his body.

Parkour Jump to: move traceur to jump from a height helps. For example, a long wall or to a higher ledge. To make sure that you have easy height parkour action (for safety) you can jump without using.

Method: Jump upwards and straight with your knees close to your chest, keeping your body. When you jump, make sure that your toes are pointed. Land with your knees bent and your feet off the ground. When you touch the ground, bend your knees 90 degrees and move your body weight forward diagonal roll (alternate shoulder and the lower back, below the right shoulder behind for example) is performed.

Backflip: This is an important measure because it measures more advanced parkour is a need.

Method: a place where you have enough room to move around select. In the center is a place to stand. Opportunity to take a high jump tips. Flip your body and make sure that you only place where you land a jump. To make sure you do not jump back, as Philip process can be interrupted.

Second Front: This move requires minimum effort and most traceurs performing it just for fun.

Method: This step requires you to jump a flight of stairs. When using flight, you will select. On the top flight of steps up and running with power. Raise both your hands and stamp your feet on the ground. Increased slightly, push the ball in your hand as you yourself stand Flip down the stairs. Land softly on the balls of your feet and roll to absorb the impact of landing.

Wall Spin: traceur move around and Flip uses a wall.

Method: Move to the wall with small measured steps. Reach the wall with my hands while hammering the ground with both feet. On the wall to his left hand and right arm is pointing. Curl into a fetal position themselves while spreading out his left hand, which is a murder Philip. Wall and the smooth ground (balls of feet) Take your right hand.

Hopefully this article has helped you learn how to do Parkour at home and abroad. Parkour training is a difficult task and requires a lot of patience. Perform these exercises and a healthy and healthy life!

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