Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tracy McGrady Dunks or How to Increase Vertical Leap

Have you seen Tracy McGrady dunk during the 7'6'' center Shawn Bradley?
Ok, a little time has passed since then, but T-Mac still had hoops. In fact, the Rocket 28-year-old Houston still has a 35.5-inch vertical!

During and after rehabilitation, McGrady has worked a lot on getting stronger.

"Now I continue to train every day, whatever I'm in the house or outside. My condition is improving slowly but surely. Actually my strength and everything is improving as well. I can clearly defined. I will continue on my training. Unlike everyone thought and said, I need to prove that Tracy McGrady is not finished yet. "- Tracy McGrady

Here is a summary of his workout:


McGrady had two 70 pound dumbbells on both hands, and began to lift. Each session McGrady required to keep this pair of dumb bells straighten his arms for 10 hours. He had to lift this for 5 sessions Health info.

Ball Practice Weight

In it, McGrady has faced a ball of 16 pounds over his head and ran a benchmark to another. He has done three times, and then took a ball 8 lbs, he raised and jumped to touch the rim.

After 10 repetitions, McGrady took a jump rope, do 300 jumps.

During this workout McGrady also used some special exercises to increase his vertical:

Bouncing Machine

McGrady stood in the middle of the machine which has been fixed on the fixed ground bounce. He put on a ramp that might be able to bind tightly upper body. Four strong rubber bands were attached to the ramp from the 4 corners of the machine bounce. McGrady then had to jump continuously for 30 hours.

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