Friday, 23 May 2014

1. Repeated damage to the soft parts

The term is used even athlete's foot or swimming arm, but that does not mean that its occurrence is not an exception even in other sports, on the contrary, quite often in handball, gymnastics, tennis, basketball.
 As I already mentioned, in all cases, it is typically the cause of the micro trauma ticked.
There is the repeated damage to the soft parts on the maximum possibilities or even above it (often supported by insufficient warm up or fatigue).
 Micro trauma is minor injuries, athlete when they observed a reduction in performance, has no subjective symptoms, and were just lies danger.
The individual thus continues loading and tissues such as changes occur type * tears of muscle fibers, minor bleeding, and later of fibrous degeneration, etc.
Function as follows damaged muscles have to take over the other, thus giving rise to muscle imbalance and consequently malfunction, pain and decreased performance.
Accumulation micro traumas lead in the long term to chronic damage. (Additional note Changes do not happen only on the muscles, but also on joints and bones.)
Important role in reducing the risk of micro traumas plays gradual increase of the load and allow the body to adapt to her limit permanent overload threshold over work performance
Eliminating the possibility of external violence and moderate intensity exercise against the inclusion of compensatory muscle imbalance, as well as adequate warm-up and preheating.
Of the utmost importance to micro traumas therefore has a preventive action, including the election of a sufficient rest and promotes the elimination of fatigue (massages, hydrotherapy / swimming, etc.)

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