Thursday, 12 July 2012

$$Cancer Prevention$$

What is prevention?

Cancer prevention is action taken to reduce the chances of developing cancer. By preventing cancer, the number of new cases of cancer in a group or population is reduced. This is expected to reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer.

To avoid starting new episodes of cancer, scientists have turned their gaze to the risk factors and protective. Anything that increases your chance of developing cancer is called 'cancer risk factor', anything that reduces their chance of developing cancer is called 'protective factor against cancer'.

Some risk factors for cancer can be avoided, but many can not.

For example, both smoking and inheriting certain genes are risk factors for some cancers, but only smoking can be avoided. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet may be protective factors for some cancers.

Avoiding risk factors and increase protective factors can reduce the risk does not mean that cancer will not develop at all.

They are studying ways to prevent cancer, including:

    Changing lifestyle or eating habits.
    Avoiding things known to cause cancer.
    Taking medicines to treat a precancerous condition or to prevent cancer initiation.

What is early detection?

Early detection is looking for cancer before a person develops symptoms. This can help detect cancer at an early stage. When abnormal tissue or cancer detected early, it may be easier to treat. By the time symptoms appear, cancer may have begun to spread.

Scientists are trying to better understand people are more likely to develop certain cancers. They also studied what we do and what is around us to see if they cause cancer. This information helps doctors recommend when who should undergo screening tests, what tests should be used, and how often should these tests be performed.

It is important to remember that your doctor does not necessarily think you have cancer if he suggests to have a screening test. The screening tests are done when there are no symptoms of cancer.

If the result of a screening test is abnormal, you may need more tests to find out if you have cancer. These tests are called diagnostic tests.

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