Thursday, 12 July 2012

###The Vagina Is Going To The Gym###

By: Arnold Mutis

The cult of the body, so in vogue today, the gym has become the must-daily pilgrimage for contemporary women. There, the muscles of the abdomen, legs, arms or buttocks are the essential tone and strength to look slim, beautiful and ultimately desirable. Because unleash the sex appeal is to a large extent, the great object of all this paraphernalia of exercises under the name of fitness, Pilates or aerobics takes the women to spend good amounts of time and money. But there are vital muscles for that coveted erotic passion that many unknown, although it is not possible without them orgasm. They are so hidden in the genital area as the mythical G-spot, but once they are located, they learn to care, given the benefits to the sexual life as important as features and natural childbirth.

We are talking about the pelvic floor muscles. Yes, at this time many have been left blank because they had no idea of ​​its existence, but the fact is that these discrete but powerful fiber depends largely on their performance as lovers. And if they ignored the pelvic floor muscles are part of your body, it is obvious that also unaware that there is a gym designed especially for them, which makes it pleasant to enjoy, helps in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction and improves disorders carry the birth, age or menopause, as the dreaded urinary incontinence, which is precisely due to weakening of these muscles.

But before embarking on any exercise routine on your behalf, you should consult a gynecologist. Following an assessment he will teach the patient to accurately position also called sex muscles, which are located in the perineum, the area is a diamond shape between the anus and genitals. With this data is easy to deduce that handle to hold the lower abdomen, which in turn are the final part of the digestive tract, bladder and uterus, so that if they lose elasticity and firmness the smooth functioning of these important organs can be affected.

As noted by Dr. Kathe Wallace, of the National Association for Continence Urinary, United States, the muscles of the pelvic floor can be difficult to locate, but there are different techniques to achieve this. We have to learn that it is the muscles that are used to prevent intestinal contents or to stop the urine stream. So the first step is to identify contract and raise the region of the rectum and vagina, without tightening the buttocks and abdomen. Another technique to become familiar with this area is to try to reduce the flow of urine while in the bathroom after partially emptying the bladder. If the stream is interrupted, it means that these muscles are contracting properly also known as pubococcygeus or PC, such as call forward. Then, continue with urination, which means that the fibers relax. In this way women will appreciate the difference between squeezing and releasing, which is the fundamental principle to exercise this area. Dr. Wallace explained that this practice should be followed only to recognize these muscles and you should not take more than twice a month, since it is a good way to strengthen them.

As suggested by the sexologist Lou Pagget, another method to locate the muscles of the pelvis is to introduce, properly groomed, index and middle fingers in the vagina and its walls collapse around them, as well as if you were trying to hold urine . And there are other more sophisticated techniques such as biofeedback, which is done with equipment designed for that purpose.

When the wife discovers her computer, ready to start a routine known as Kegel exercises, which, ultimately, are a relative of that kind of movement that is done to stop the urine. It is named Dr. Arnold Kegel who discovered 60 years ago it was possible to increase or restore the tone of the sphincters and their supporting structures, ie the PC.

Today the medical community around the world recognize that the results are undeniable, judging from its extensive list of benefits. In the specific field of sex, a well-toned PC is the gateway to the wonderful world of female climax with its rich diversity of variables. Kegels help raise to its maximum peak pleasure, it intensifies the feelings of the G-spot and allow women to achieve orgasms called "dead end" because they feel deep within the vagina, as an uncontrollable surge enjoyment, not is another thing that the contraction and dilation of the vaginal walls. Also, by improving blood flow to the genital area, the exercises improve erectile function and clitoral orgasms through this sensitive sexual organ of women.

Another marvel of Kegel's that give women the power to have an orgasm and when they choose and prepare to experience female ejaculation, because it exists, although it is the aspiration of all. To benefit from the Kegel should be as consistent as required by the gym. We must go at their own pace, yet always be exacted and noticeable benefits to the two or three weeks from the start. Also, as is customary in the gym, you need comfortable clothes, positive mental attitude and relaxation.Further about health check this:muscle gaining secrets program

Moving on, there are two types of Kegel exercises: slow and fast, you can perform in any position, but Dr. Wallace recommends starting the routine lying down, knees bent or legs on a bench to relax them. Over time, the woman will be able to do their Kegel sitting, standing, waiting for the light ...

The exercises consist of contracting slow, raise and attract inward on the PC, so slowly, without jerking. They keep well for 5 seconds, relax for 5 seconds and repeat the movement until complete 10 games. Ideally it between 2 to 3 times a day, to between 30 and 80 repetitions. None of this is a straitjacket. At first, unaccustomed, many will find that they can only tighten the PC for 1 or 2 seconds. Never mind. Contract them consistently be achieved up to 10 seconds, which is ideal, according to Wallace. Nor is compulsory from the beginning the 80 movements. You can start by 10 and increase it as you are giving your muscles. The rapid rate Kegel, meanwhile, are performed by contracting and raising the PC in a fast, but not sharp, and its intensity should also increase gradually.

From this routine and excellent results, there was a range of practices to speak of a real gym for muscles that support the vagina. The variation is to practice the same contraction and distension of the Kegel own, but with the help of weights, cones, Chinese balls and other equipment being introduced into the vaginal cavity. Each woman owns own anatomical conditions and hence the selection of any of these methods and instruments to be made with the advice and supervision of the gynecologist or the therapist. sexual.

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