Thursday, 12 July 2012

@@My Fitness Pal@@

If you have an iPhone or hang around people who are somewhat health conscious, you may have heard my friend's gym.
An application to keep track of calories and foods that keep you comfortable on the phone. You can also use a desktop computer (see the progress and the pictures and graphics), but the characteristics of applications that fall in love, and uses it regularly.

First, you need to your height, weight, ideal weight, age and gender. You can also select how many pounds you want to lose a week, or whether to keep only your current weight. Then calculate how many calories a day on the basis of this information. I guess since I'm short and I want to lose 20 pounds to 2 pounds per week, my magic number of 1,200 calories per day.

The first days were miserable for me. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I won the double digits since the wedding, and have a meal that is committed supplied to me by a window or served in a microwave oven small cardboard tray. It was a hard adjustment to go from more than 2,000 calories to 1,200 calories of junk. But I went shopping, I had before, and I found my rhythm. Now I can fulfill my calorie goal and we are in the areas of health, filling, nutritious meals.

One of my favorite part of this application is the ability to scan food labels. Actually I have a copy of rags, used a calorie counting book that my mother gave me that she used to wear. It lists the major food companies and content of the label. I tried this and it took maybe one or two meals in a magazine. I'm very bad at math, so try to read labels and websites, and calculate the serving size does not work well. Gym with my friend, scan the barcode of the product, allowing you to choose the portion size or amount, and if they did "Add" math is for you and add magic to your day! (Note: Candy is used only as an example, I have not eaten ... not yet)
You can also recipes in the same way, the application to know how many acts, just select food and portion size and the information added by magic! All these entries are stored food, so you need to do this once. So the peanut butter, Cheerios for breakfast? I just tapping into it with a magic touch of my fingers the next time they eat, tomorrow or next Thursday!Further about health check this :yeast infection no more book

The other great thing about my friend's ability to monitor its use. Of course, the calories you burn a higher estimate of the time, but still useful to see. Calories are recorded as "cattle" and the amount of calories per day. You know, that's my number of calories for the day of 1200. So let's say you go with the dog at a moderate pace for 30 minutes, which "won" 107 calories, take my daily ration of calories for the 1307th
Look at the calories just revealed this way - as a "fuel" (essentially, what they are, for the body) is really the eyes open and helpful. My cousin and I are probably in the whole system upside down. See, in fact, what we eat, based on how much you move your ass. Almost like the exchange of calories or obtain additional pages with dinner. Well, one way to find the motivation, right?

That brings me to last long, because you add friends! Currently I have five friends (including Mara) and they are great, I want to congratulate my good days and offer support for those times when I feel frustrated. With or without the addition of friends, you have the option of all your private information and is only visible to your eyes.

So, why all this talk about My Gym Pal? To be honest, I really enjoy it. It was something I've found works for me, I've seen the results on the scales, and is free. I hope to take over this responsibility from time to time to "check in". I want to add an evolution of ID cards in hand than you can write too!

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