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$$$Debate In The Gym$$$

Modern Gymnasium students are used to solve their problems through the pines, those towering trees that surround one of the most emblematic of the country schools. Founded in 1914 by Don Agustin Nieto Caballero, since its inception has been a place of preparation of the ruling class Bogota. Not surprisingly the 'Modern' is the birthplace of former presidents, scientists, intellectuals and even soccer teams have left their mark. For its historic buildings have been the likes of industrialist Julio Mario Santo Domingo, former presidents and Alfonso Lopez Michelsen and Ernesto Samper, Rodolfo Llinas scientists, painters and journalists Luis Caballero as Enrique Santos Castillo, Antonio Caballero, Daniel Samper Pizano and Roberto Posada Garcia-Pena.

From the beginning, the school was a center of dissemination of liberal ideas, seeking a more secular and humanistic education that was intended to cultivate leaders committed to Colombia. And so is enshrined in the charter that Augustine left a legacy gift to thousands of students have passed through its classrooms. Autonomy, freedom and service standards have always been valued Gym.

But nearly a century after its founding, all is not harmony on campus. For a couple of years have been some cracks and disagreements between school policies, including the rector, seven members of the Board and 12 of the Plenary. These differences are due to different pedagogical approaches in recent days have become public domain. Releases, letters and Facebook groups have a say to columnists and people outside the school who feel that what happens in it has an impact that goes beyond gimnasiana community.

In the last days of December, the Full Court did not re-elected four of the seven members of the Board, to which it is accountable to the rector. On the other hand, the other three members were ratified decided to give up their positions. They did it by writing in a letter to school authorities and the Association of Parents, observations and comments criticizing the management of the rector, Juan Carlos Bayona. According to counselors, the school is lagging behind compared to other less traditional and has difficulty assuming the character of modernity that claims its name.Check for further info:Muscle gaining secrets info

Behind the tensions there are debates caliber as the need to return the bilingual school, accepting women, academic performance and how the government should be structured campus.

In terms of academic level, one of the biggest concerns of the Council is whether the current educational model, the institution can be classified into the top of national standards. In particular, says the letter, because humanism has become the priority of the school, while the exact sciences have been neglected. Counselors emphasize that the results of Icfes are not the best, that discipline has been neglected and that although they have repeatedly expressed concern about the issue at Bayonne rector, who is serving 12 years in office, they have not paid attention and the situation has not improved.

Facing the possibility of mixed again, an idea defended tooth and nail by the body, the Council says it is an important issue, but should not be discussed yet.

But of all the issues in dispute, the height is the second language. As for the Council on bilingualism is a priority for Bayonne is a pressing need muscles. Teaching a second language is the workhorse that will support managers to say that the president does not hear the advice of his superiors and tends to impose their positions.

What nobody understands is why, if the Board of Governors has the authority to ask the rector's resignation, he did when the crisis hit later this year. Those involved told Semana that this did not happen for several reasons. First, there was hope of resolving differences through dialogue. Second, pluralism and the search for agreements are part of the spirit gimnasiano the award that honors the 'beautiful' character receiving the most outstanding students. And finally, because they felt fear cause a revolution on campus given the tremendous support that has the rector between students and parents.

The rector Bayonne has a radically different version of events. According to him, there is no conflict whatsoever with the Superior Council and understand their reactions and suggestions to management. As for the academic level of the Gymnasium, he insists that is high and that in the last 10 years has remained in the leading category in the State examination, as they struggle to admit women, said that he accepted to postpone discussion of the topic, and Meeting the challenge of bilingualism, warned that the academic area of ​​most intense time in the curriculum is English. "In the modern self that language is taught to students, not wanting to boast that we are a bilingual school," says Bayona.

But if something critics agree Bayonne and backers is to play for the school. Even his most passionate detractors admit that it is an outstanding scholar and teacher. They argue that it is a committed educator who knows the names of all students, accompanying excursions and always has his office doors open to receive muscle gaining secrets. The expressions of affection and solidarity of students and teachers ranging from the Facebook page in which 990 members support the 'Ovejo', as they say, to letters of support signed by the 125 teachers who are part of the plant.

On Monday more than a thousand students will return to Modern after the Christmas break. There is the 'Ovejo' to welcome them and begin a new school year amid a vivid debate about its permanence and pedagogical vision. Some sectors of opinion, together with the school community are watching to see if he and the directors have the ability to transform their educational experience in the ability to reach agreements argued.

A liberal institution like the Modern Gym, which has had much impact on the country's history, honor his name if you open the debate on issues as pressing as coeducation (mixed again), bilingualism and academic excellence. But above all, if he can impose harmony and 'beautiful' character on garrotera.

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