Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Obamacare - Health

The joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday night with an unusual and rather eloquently addressed health care ("Obamacare") to reform their "wish list", which specified how the Americans would benefit from talking points This is the time. As far as the details of the program funding will be or how, or if the President is saying or not is not yet known obamacare wikipedia.

To understand that.It is likely that taxpayer money would subsidize health care for illegals to call by protesters, the president changed his tune and referred to + 30 uninsured million and has assured us Under that program, foreign policy will not be illegal.

In fact, very rich medical and health care reform with new tax cuts were going to be paid.Obamacare now saying that half of the costs of the existing arrangements for waste, fraud and inefficiency can be paid by the end obamacare passed.

President Obama emphasized "trust him," but what is not earned that trust.The president is not supported by any of his statements with any details or original documents. Moreover, they "sell" we acknowledge the possibility that such large and complex system changes have unintended and potentially negative effects will be positive without hyping Obamacare,. Finally, the stimulus plan earlier this year showed that we do not have the experience, expertise, or inclination of their programs has increased in value.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the President said that incremental reforms, which fixes problems with our system searches. If he really means what he says, the "incremental" common sense reforms should consider the following suggestions:

Enable interstate competition between insurance companies. Greater competition among insurance providers under insurance should be affordable for consumers. We have our house in a national auto market, and buy life insurance, health insurance, why not we should buy? Instead, Obamacare by certain types of insurance companies is proposed to create a national currency. Obviously, no one knows how it works, including the President will obamacare definition.

Mandates for insurance coverage of at least finish.Then, Americans choose between alternative coverage as their home, auto, and life insurance to choose, why should any other health insurance? We customized their customers choose from a menu, once their basic needs are met. Healthy young people, for example, which otherwise do not have any insurance, major events, which potentially can attack at any time to insure against "disaster insurance" to encourage the purchase of should be.

Medical malpractice reform law (tort reform). Tort reform, the President noted last night, but his comments clearly indicate that they consider the time frame for the reform package has no intention of decisive action. Many people believe that health care costs in the future to include tort reform is needed.

Tort reform our civil justice system that litigation arising from events and award limited financial means will have to change. Medical malpractice victims for their misfortune to be compensated?To avoid the lawsuits are only motivated by.

Individuals to purchase health insurance, providing tax incentives.

They benefit directly from and to be implemented incrementally.

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