Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pharmacies and Telemedicine

When our e-mail inboxes with advertisements for drugs not a day goes by not filling. Many of these e-mails without a prescription overnight courier delivery of drugs by the promise of all types. While there are legitimate online pharmacies, or cyber-medicine and tele-medicine practice is recognized, the change in the way medicine is practiced, the medical establishment is doing very well.takes more than doctors 'drug war', but the question is whether these drugs pharmacy without a licensed medical practitioner's supervision is available for recreational drug users.

Need for alternative

For example, in drug prices between the U.S. and Canada is a big difference, long wait times in U.S. pharmacies, and are generally poor service.can not tolerate the U.S. to appear pharmacist.

Millions of Americans traveling to Canada or Mexico, but now both of them are turning to the Internet for medical needs.consumers by pharmacies and pharmacies in particular has resulted in an intermediary between consumers and pharmacy. According to Johnson (2005) when both brick and mortar pharmacies to be very satisfied and medical practitioners when it comes to dealing with customers is as a result. As Johnson notes, "their customers than their pharmacist, hairdresser's name are more likely to know."Today, as a result (Johnson 2005), "25.5 percent of consumers buy their prescriptions online, brick and mortar pharmacy, one of which 13.5% are up against."

Drugs and Society

AIDS drugs such as those suffering from a wasting disease is a useful purpose, the ant's age (FDA, 2004) also play a role.

Doctor-patient relationship

In many cases, patients are seen by a nurse practitioner..

Ironically, when one compares a job through an online consultation with doctors and a brick and mortar to go for a visit with the doctor checked her face, shows that doctor online, in many cases, a better understanding of the patient's medical condition meets face to face with the patient's doctor. In most cases, a doctor from an online pharmacy, a complete blood workup of any kind that may be required to perform an additional test, for example, has insisted it is prescribed pharmacy schools.

AMA, the federal government, and various state claims, however, that a doctor without a valid doctor-patient relationship is illegal to prescribe drugs.Some states also require that the doctor who prescribed drugs to be licensed in their state. This can only hamper the development of cyber medicine. William Hubbard (2004), FDA associate commissioner of the "Food and Drug Administration said that giving states the first crack at legal action, although it will step in when states do not comply" (FDA, 2004).

Internet pharmacies

For many people the Internet has become a favorite drug store.

Categories of Internet pharmacy degree

Internet pharmacies usually be admitted on the following five categories are:

Internet pharmacies can be divided into five different categories, as follows:

No medical association with an online pharmacy is licensed.

With a medical association of licensed online pharmacies

No records online pharmacies (NRP)

International online pharmacies (IOP)

Licensed compounding pharmacies

Anyone with a medical association of licensed pharmacies online course Drugstore.com, CVV, and others.Prescription from a doctor must be called.

A medical association with a broker licensed online pharmacies often depends on. Broker your medical information is collected, and then they give your case a network of doctors.

Government Accountability Office on Aging (Sing) Committee held in June 2004 found that "international pharmacies without a prescription license is required, and is usually located away from the shore." No prescription pharmacy can be found throughout the world.

On prescription and no doctor was called. Note the fact that some sites offer a doctor's recommendation. "Henkle (2002) outside the United States without a prescription during the study was able to get drugs from nine sites in the Henkle (2002).

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