Friday, 31 August 2012

How to jump higher in Warrock

"War Rock", commonly abbreviated to "Warrock", is a free online game from a first-person shooter, which means that players can compete in the war zones of the game without paying. To make a profit, you can buy the game that brings additional features or benefits and can pay for extra equipment. While the battles are conducted online among multiple users, the game allows players to turn tricks to defeat their enemies. If you play against smart opponents know the tricks available, you will be at a disadvantage immediately.


  Run the program "War Rock" on your computer by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or in the directory.

Join a server from the many that are available. Highlight the server name and click "Join". If the server does not have a password you can join the fight that is developing in the same.

Choose a combat class and finish it if you stand in the middle of a battle. If you are between battles, wait for the loading screen.

Write the words "Super jump manual" while charging the screen, authorities heard the words "Forward, Forward, Forward".

Press the spacebar to long jump info great distances throughout the fight. You can re-enter the trick before the next fight to reactivate it.

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