Friday, 14 September 2012

Jump Manual Download-Characteristics Of A Volleyball Player

Volleyball Coaches looking for players with thin and muscular, a strong center, a good vertical leap, fast reaction rate and a positive attitude. The best players in the world emanate a variety of these qualities, including Ivan Miljkovic of Serbia and the U.S. Gabriel Reece.
Muscle Mass

The best volleyball players are typically strong with lean muscle mass and minimum body fat. This body type has the power and strength to jump manual high and drive the ball without unnecessary weight or bulky. Players known as Karch Kiraly and Kerri Walsh are physical examples of how muscle mass can be an advantage.

Central Power

The core strength is essential to almost any skill in volleyball. This includes abdominal, lower back and hips. These core muscles give the body balance, allow twisting, turning and pivoting, and help in providing energy for jump serves and spikes.

Vertical jump

The ability to jump high to make aces, kills and blocks can be a tremendous benefit to any volleyball player. The high jump requires a strong lower body and core. Some volleyball players have some of the highest vertical leaps in sports. Leonel Marshall Cuban national team player volleyball had a vertical jump of 50 inches (1.27 mt). In comparison, basketball legend Michael Jordan had a vertical jump of 48 inches (1.22 mt).

Reaction rate

Volleyball is a fast paced game with little predictability. Experienced volleyball players develop faster reaction, learning to better anticipate where it will fall signals the ball and how to make a play with it. The reaction rate can also be developed through training techniques.

Attitude and Leadership

Volleyball Coaches looking for players who understand the importance of teamwork, a very important concept in volleyball. Teams must work together to create releases and help each other when needed. Leadership is a desired personality trait among volleyball players because leaders are required to set positive examples and to make good decisions on the court.

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