Friday, 14 September 2012

How to be a better basketball rebounder - Jumpman23

In basketball, the team needs the ball to win the game, and players who can win the rebound bad shots that help ensure the team has the ball. However while the rebound is seen as a skill reserved for taller players, a smaller player can become a force on the boards to play smart and aggressive, but can not jump high enough to pass the ball. The best rebounders are the highlight of any team, and even a player who does not score many points you can earn playing time if you smell the ball.

 Follow the development of the game. Pay attention to the person who has the ball, especially at the time to launch a shot.

See the man you are defending, especially when you're on the defensive. You do not want to be clear to score an easy shot.

Identifies a position close to the basket. Put your body between your opponent and the basket and try to block it.

Get ready for physical contact, your opponent can find the space where you are and try to get away.

Make sure you know what you do with the ball. Pay attention to the position of your teammates and looking for a likely target where to send your pass.

Anticipate the shot and assumes that the shooter will fail.

When the shot goes toward the basket turns and looks towards this. Pay attention to the flight of the ball at the moment when the shot is launched and calculates the place where they strike and bounce. Should you do so, you may want to adjust your position. Again make sure you are located between your opponent and the basket.

When the shot is thrown up your hands on your shoulders.

Take the ball. Reach out, jump manual with him but control it. Charles Barkley, a great rebounder despite his short stature, described this as its comprehensive technical, go for the ball.

Protect the ball. Once you have it in your hands, the opponents may try to remove it. You may also try desbalancearte, especially when you're on the air. When you're in the air and you have the ball in your hands, take your elbows and spread your feet to the height of your shoulders.

Cae with feet straight and stay as balanced as possible.

If it is a defensive rebound throws the ball to your teammate. If it's an offensive rebound, try to make some feints to your opponent, then throws the ball or pass it.

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