Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hello Today I Will Leave This Post With The Manual AIRALERT 3, Is A Training Program How To Jump Higher

Air Alert III
Jump Training Program
The training program Air Alert III provides two schemes of work. You will notice that the
weeks numbered and odd numbered inputs thereof are in the same
succession and order for each year, but the actual days of the week are different. Make
training exactly as prescribed for the indicated days in the week

On the odd weeks we will work on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and every second week the
work will be Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.
Week 13 is designed for a full recovery of the muscles. The program even
not be completed until this week, so it is necessary to continue to the end of

In the last week, the number 15, we will work to maximize the musculature, and will enhance
prepared for the final recovery. This last week will help add to your jump from 1 to
2 extra inches, depending on their physical characteristics. To complete the plan
Successful training is necessary for 15 weeks do exercises 4 days a week, the
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday jump .

Rest between sets

This training program consists of multiple sets and repetitions for each exercise.
After completing a set of an exercise should rest more than two minutes before
complete the following series for the respective year jump manual. During this break is important
to massage the muscle area that is working at the time. If you are working Brincos
(Leap ups) is absolutely necessary to massage the respective muscle during rest.
When changing from one year to another (eg, from Leap ups to Calf Raises) does not rely on
all. Start immediately following exercise.

Quit playing and working the legs

During the days he is not doing the exercise program, it is important to help you
your legs get used to normal jumping situations. This program increases the jump
vertical, but you need to train your legs to actual game situations. Play and train
normally putting all the aggression and power efficiency at the jump. This will help
develop muscle memory.

Description of exercise

Squat Hops
This exercise is great for isolating full thigh and produces an incredible effect
explosive. It is very useful for improving cardiovascular, chiggers and speed in
lateral displacement.
This is a very demanding exercise, so this worked only designed for one day a
week. During the duration of the program, this exercise should only be done on Wednesday.
If you decide to make the exercise more than once a week, you risk muscle fatigue
and poor recovery thereof. Lack of muscle recovery and leads to a deterioration
low long-term performance.

The Squat Hops is a fairly simple exercise to perform. To start, squat with
her legs bent at an angle of 90 °. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Make
your back is completely straight and lean on the front half of his foot with
heels lifted. To balance can use a basket ball or volley taking it as if
were to make a chest pass or hugging the ball. During hold the ball
ahead and look forward.

To perform the exercise, keep grabbing the ball position. Keep looking at
front and jump in position no more than 3 to 5 inches. Your thighs should remain parallel
the ground. A jump and bounce is considered as a repetition.
After the last rep of each set, you jump up with your legs extended as
high and powerful as possible. The height reached is probably not much, but very

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