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Improving Your Leap In Basketball: Prof. Constancio Córdoba

This is an article (from the journal Basketball Live, Mexico 1993) to prepare the teacher Constancio Córdoba which gives us the basis to improve your basketball. I hope it will be useful, especially for those who believe that basketball is only for players of stature.

For those who have not heard of Constantius Córdoba (†)

Professor Alvarez Córdoba Constancio is probably the player and coach who has had more wins and remembered in the annals of Mexican basketball. Without exaggeration, the name is synonymous Constancio basketball Córdoba. The vast majority of Mexicans ballers, either directly-in-training, or indirectly, through his lectures, text-books and have benefited from their knowledge and experience as a player and teacher jumping.
Maker of many generations of athletes in primary schools, secondary schools and universities, Professor Constancio Córdoba has also approached national representative teams and has gone through various responsibilities in the administration of Mexican sport. His experience is broad and rich, has known victory and defeat and has nurtured them as a person.


Within the practice of basketball, the most beautiful game, a major factor is known as the spring.
Basketball is a sport of both the incredible height antics that have, as their goal is to 3.05m soil is considered only for giants. However, this is a misjudgment because players are so small sizes chance to shine and stand out as high elevation. That is, if you like the sport burst, all you have to do is work hard to get a great spring and great physical strength.
For this there are many systems and even the most effective methods and tested with unusual success is called Improve your spring ".
Running is the ultimate fitness activity because it increases leg strength, strengthens the abdominal muscles and increases aerobic capacity. Improves muscle tone and also accelerates the circulation, energy and vitality.
Basketball is a fast game of beginnings and endings. You need explosive power of the legs constantly and have much strength to withstand periods of agony.


These "exercise of power" will give power and strength to a big bounce and infighting, and are the result of over twenty years of research and testing

1. - Lizards With fingertips
Magnificent to increase strength of fingers, arms and shoulders. Also improved control and handling of the ball rebound.
Being on the floor face down with your hands to shoulder width, you start with the body lift with arms extended and elbows tucked. The weight should be distributed between the tips of fingers and toes. Then flex your arms to touch the ground with his chest only. This action is repeated starting with 10 and increasing the first week in May to the beginning of the following for a total of 35 during the sixth week.

2. - Abs With knees bent
Increasing abdominal force and explosive jump power
While lying on the floor with knees bent, hands intertwined behind his head. Then lifting the upper body until your chin touches your knees. These should be kept in a flexed position to locate all work on the abdominal muscles.
You start with 50 the first week and increases 10 each up to 100.

3.-Elevation Kneeling
This is exercise that really puts into orbit for a big bounce. He jumps with both feet simultaneously knees and rise as much as possible, almost to his chest.
It begins with the first week in May and increased until one with 10 in the last. The jumps are made continuous, ie one after the other.

4.-rising above the Toes
This exercise will develop those muscles involved in the jump, ie the lower leg and backside.
From the normal position heels rise slowly as much as possible. This position is maintained three seconds and then lowered equally, or slowly, until reaching the starting position. You start with 30 the first week and up 10 in the sixth until a total of 70. It can be more effective if you place a weight on your shoulders or carry it to a teammate.

This exercise will shape the thigh muscles and help the body control and balance. It also strengthens the knee joint, injury-prone.
From the normal position of the foot and the feet apart at shoulder width starts a large bending until the buttocks almost touch the heels. The head should be elevated and the back straight with hands on waist.
It starts the first week with 25 and increase 5 to finish in sixth with 50.

6.-I keep jumping exercise
This is one of the best exercises to achieve an extraordinary leap.
It jumps trying to touch an object, the network, the lower the backboard or the ring. It is intended that any of these have a 60 cm., Higher than the range of the extended arm.
The exercise starts trying to touch the object with the left hand, then skips using the right hand, and finally both hands simultaneously. The jumps are continuous as if falling on a nail and making the same effort.
You start with 10 series the first week to finish with 15 in the last week. The series include, for example :1-2-3: 1; 1-2-3:2,1-2-3:3, etc.

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